Homework in the Hallway…or not.

So I decided to have a social interaction program tonight. I called it Homework in the Hallway. It started at 6pm. At 6:10 the hall was still empty. Tuesdays are my duty night, so I figured I’d hang out with my residents till 7 when I’m officially “on duty.” People walked by me on their way to the gym or to get food, passing and smiling as if they could care less. The feeling you get when no one has the respect or, perhaps most importantly, the interest to come to your program sucks! It wasn’t until about 7 when people started to come. I wouldn’t call it a successful program, about 10 or 13 people showed up..I have a floor of 43. Its just one of those things you have to deal with. It sucks though because none of them realize how hard this job actually is. I feel as though I better get used to the lack of appreciation.

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